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9 Trendy Things To Have At Your Melbourne Wedding

In this age of social media domination, there is now a lot more coverage and exposure of someone’s wedding day online. This means a whole lot of sharing of ideas and concepts you might not of previously considered! Here are some of the biggest trends that we’ve seen a lot of recently that you might want to steal for your big day!   Signage with a difference Almost a prerequisite at a lot of weddings at the moment is lots of cute custom signs. They bring a lot of personality to the day, and can be a great way to…

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8 Things Running a Wedding Venue in Melbourne has Taught Us About Wedding Day Problems

In our time running a Melbourne wedding venue, we’ve seen hundreds of beautiful couples celebrate their big day and along the way we’ve heard a lot of industry horror-stories. With our experience in the wedding industry, we’ve come to understand that wedding day mishaps can happen. Yes, even with the best intentions, things can go a little pear-shaped. With that being said, we’ve noticed that there’s a set of common issues that tend to reoccur over and over. With this insight, we’re able to plan ahead and give our doting couples some advice on how best to avoid and deal…

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A Must Have Guide To Inspecting Melbourne Wedding Venues

If you talk to seasoned wedding planners, many will agree that beyond things like the dress, the photography and the food, the thing of utmost importance on your wedding day is your venue. It’s the first thing your guests see on arrival and it’s what they’ll be surrounded by for the rest of the day and night. So if you want to ensure you’re equipped with all the info you need to pick the right Melbourne wedding venue for you, read on.   Inspecting wedding venues: how to plan By this point you’ve probably narrowed down the wedding venues that…

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Melbourne Wedding Failsafe Tips For Any Weather

Whether you’re having a wedding in the midst of summer or in the middle of winter, it’s important to plan to make sure your celebrations are weather appropriate. This becomes even more relevant for a Melbourne wedding, given that Melbourne is known as a city that can often experience four seasons in a day. So, what can you do to brace yourself for all kinds of weather? Here are our best tips!   Look at wedding venues that offer a backup plan The last thing you’ll want to do is see an undesirable weather forecast a few days out from…

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Top 2017 Wedding Trends, to Look Fabulous on Your Special Day

It’s that big moment when the door opens and your husband-to-be’s heart skips a beat when he sees you walking down the aisle. Every bride wants that ‘WOW moment’ and there are so many different styles out there to choose from! As always, be true to yourself – it’s your big day so be comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. With a little bit of help from our friends at Raffaele Ciuca, we are showing you the 7 big trends to look out for in 2017. All about the sleeves  Oh, so many options! Sleeves have definitely been a…

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29 Online Tools To Give You Wedding Planning Superpowers

Planning a wedding is stressful. Let us pause for a moment while you reel from the sheer enormity of that patently obvious understatement. Lucky for you there is an enormous amount of online resources out there to drastically reduce your planning hours and stress levels. This list will show you which ones to choose from. Out ultimate list of 29 wedding tools and websites to make planning your wedding easier is a generous mix of practical tools and exceptional resources that help you get your bases covered from day one, just use the below filters to narrow down the best…

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Melbourne Wedding & Bride Bridal Expo

The Ballara Team will be at the Melbourne Wedding & Bride Bridal Expo in October!

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Something Blue

How to incorporate your something blue into your wedding.

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Here are some great ideas for brides looking for bonbonniere inspiration.

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The Guest List

Tips and hints on how to compile your guest list.

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